Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth

Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth
Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth
by Max McCoy

A violent storm, a dying Artic explorer, and a curious wooden box make Indy the target of fanatical Nazi agents. Inside the box are a slice of Icelandic stone with mythological powers and a journal hinting at the existence of an underground civilization near the top of the world. Indy and Ulla Tornaes, a beautiful Danish scientist, set out into the artic wastes, racing against Nazi explorers, to search for the lost city. Their quest will lead them to a massive cavern beneath the snow, portal to the legendary Ultima Thule-the key to Hitler's mad plan for world domination.
                  Paperback - 320 pages 
                  Bantam Books; ISBN: 0553561952 ; 
                  Dimensions (in inches): 0.85 x 6.83 x 4.14 

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